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Why Somerset

The summer camp experience stands as a truly unique and life-changing journey for children, offering an environment like no other, where lifelong memories are made, and personal growth is nurtured. At Somerset, we believe in the remarkable positive impact that summer camp has on young minds, and we wholeheartedly encourage our dedicated summer camp counselors to harness their creative abilities, share their unique interests and talents, and embark on personal challenges that parallel those they set for their campers.

Somerset prides itself on the diversity of our staff, a vibrant tapestry woven together from various corners of the country and the world. Each counselor brings with them a wide array of skills, talents, and cultural backgrounds, enriching our camp community in countless ways. This diversity not only contributes to a more dynamic and engaging camp experience, but also underscores the importance of embracing differences and celebrating individuality.

At Somerset, every team member is welcomed into a warm and hospitable environment where everyone is regarded as equally valuable and important and where fast and lasting friendships are formed. We are committed to fostering an atmosphere of inclusion and anti-discrimination, accepting and celebrating the beautiful array of differences among us, which includes, but is not limited to, race, ethnicity, gender, religion, political thought, sexual orientation, and family composition.

We ensure that everyone has a place in our camp community and can fully embrace the camp experience, gaining a deep appreciation for the value of diversity and understanding that our differences make us stronger and more united as a community.

We want uniquely qualified individuals who are independent thinkers, the loudest team cheerleaders, and willing to do anything and everything for our campers.

Are you the compassionate, energetic, and youth-loving role model we’re seeking? Are you a dreamer, creator, leader, and risk-taker? Is that you?

Our Staff is Our backbone

Our staff is the backbone of our camp. We firmly believe that the success of our campers hinges on the quality of our staff members. Their well-being, happiness, and personal success are essential to creating a rewarding summer experience, both for them and our campers.

At Somerset, we’re committed to providing our counselors with opportunities for personal growth and challenge. We encourage our staff not only to showcase their existing talents but also to discover new ones they never knew they had.

As a counselor, you will:

  • Serve as a positive role model.
  • Enhance your conflict resolution skills.
  • Connect with incredible people from around the world.
  • Embrace genuine human connections and the natural beauty of Maine, putting away your phone.
  • Actively contribute to our program and bring your creative ideas to life.
  • Develop your leadership and communication skills.
  • Experience more fun than you ever imagined possible!

Join us in making this summer unforgettable for both campers and staff alike!

“Camp changed me, and it has shaped me into a better version of myself. It has given me opportunities I could have only dreamed about and now, I get to experience it every summer with the sweetest campers and the most amazing colleagues, who I consider my family.”

LexiSomerset Original Counselor

Set up for success

We are in search of individuals who thrive on working closely with children and possess a high level of expertise in one of our instructional areas. We’re seeking adults who are passionate about making a meaningful impact, not merely passing time between semesters or jobs.

Beyond their primary responsibilities in the cabins and instructional areas, counselors play pivotal roles as role models, mentors, and team coaches. They accompany campers to off-site adventures, including camping trips, whitewater rafting, amusement park visits, and more. Somerset generously covers the costs of these exciting excursions.

The summer kicks off with an intensive week-long staff orientation. During this time, we delve into camp policies, procedures, and expectations to ensure everyone is prepared for the summer ahead. Equally important, this week fosters staff bonding and lays the foundation for our close-knit camp community. Throughout the summer, Somerset is committed to ensuring our staff members are well-rested, well-nourished, and have ample opportunities for socializing and connecting with one another.

Discover how a summer at camp can enrich your resume and provide invaluable work experience. Join us for a transformative adventure!

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