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No Phone Zone


We know kids today love their phones and Ipads. They love their music players and Kindles. And they love their laptops and Fitbits. But we also know they love gymnastics, and art, and tennis, and swimming, and singing, and cheering, and laughing, and being with their friends. And not only do they LOVE those things, but they also NEED those things, certainly more than they need their phones. Life is more fulfilling without the distractions of a screen or looking for the approval of others by counting how many likes you have. Kids should be present in the unique and all too fleeting moments of summer to experience the joy that comes from deep and meaningful relationships, from a high five after a game, or a hug after earning a patch.

Being at camp is an opportunity for all of us to rid ourselves of our technological dependencies. The stimulation from a great day outside or a fantastic conversation with a friend is so much more valuable than anything a screen can offer. A tech-free environment means dinner table discussions, connecting with a friend while walking to activities, reading an actual book, learning how to socialize, engaging with adults, and having to develop the independence necessary to make choices and solve conflicts.

Separating your child from her technology is the greatest gift you can give her. Will she want it? Yes. Miss it? Probably. Need it? Not a chance.