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The Somerset Rings

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You’re trusting us with the responsibility of caring for your daughter, and her health and safety are our ultimate priorities. It’s also critical to us that she return home with an increased sense of self-worth and fulfillment that comes from the experiences and relationships that summer camp provides.

Our goal is simple: to empower, encourage, and inspire.

Empower her to be brave and overcome obstacles. Encourage her to be proud and celebrate successes. Inspire her to be bold and pursue her dreams.

Put another way, a Somerset camper will be provided with the foundation to live our “Rings.”

Grow Every day, Be a Good Friend, Make an Impact, Be You

We want her to take healthy risks to try something new. We want her to fall down and feel the satisfaction that comes from getting up again. We want her to hold her head high in both victory and defeat. We want her to be a good teammate on the field and in the cabin. We want her to put her arm around a friend in need and welcome one in return. We want her to be herself and share her gifts. Most of all, we want her to experience these things surrounded and uplifted by a community of friends, teachers, and role models.