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Camp Advantage

There is no replacement for a strong academic education – it is undeniably important for a child’s success. That said, the skills that are not taught routinely in a traditional school setting are now recognized as the most critical in providing a bright future for today’s youth. These skills – communication, collaboration, creativity, grit, and empathy – are taught, and practiced, for fifteen hours a day, every day, at camp.

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Specifically, the camp environment provides an ideal framework for campers to:

  • Develop and maintain meaningful friendships
  • Learn about being in a community – something bigger than themselves
  • Work with others for a common goal
  • Take responsibility and be a contributing member of a group, team, or cabin
  • Communicate with peers and adults, using both verbal and non-verbal language to be successful and respectful
  • Self advocate, and lean on others for support when needed


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While campers and counselors may view camp as the most fun and carefree time of their lives, the value of the life skills learned at summer camp can’t be underscored. Camp Somerset prides itself on its ability to cultivate social and character skills such as enthusiasm, creativity, critical thinking, work ethic, communication, cooperation, empathy, and acceptance.

In many ways, summer camp is a non-stop intensive course in valuable life skills. Living in a cabin with others fosters communication, empathy, and collaboration as well as independence and self-reliance. Healthy competition, especially in the The League and Somer Cup, help develop teamwork, creativity, enthusiasm, and perseverance as well as core values such as honor, integrity, and respect.

21st Century Skills

Our goal, like all parents, is to help children maximize their potential and develop their best selves. After a summer at Somerset, our campers re-enter their home environment with an increased sense of confidence that allows them to handle the challenges that come their way. While the workforce is years away for most, developing the skills that are needed to be successful when the “real world” presents itself should be ongoing.

Camp, and its community living environment, is the ideal place to develop the skills necessary to prepare children for future success. Skills such as oral communication, collaboration/teamwork, work ethic/self-discipline, and critical thinking/problem solving are best developed through face-to-face contact, in a technology-free environment like Somerset.

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