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Special Events

The Patches

Her first summer at camp, each camper will arrive with the official Somerset navy blanket, featuring our red logo and her embroidered name. Campers will bring their blankets back each summer. Over time, this blanket will become the canvas that tells the story of a camper’s years at Somerset.

Every summer, campers will receive patches commemorating their bunks, teams, milestone trips, achievements in activities, and weekly recognition to those who have exemplified our rings.

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This one simple everlasting garment will forever remind a camper, long into adulthood, of the time she was a Bunny, the day she first waterskied, climbed Mt. Katahdin, or the moment she discovered the true meaning of friendship.

Sundays are Special

While no two days at camp are completely alike, our consistent schedule is hugely beneficial to a child’s development. Still, every now and again, a little change never hurt.

Sunday is a day that everyone will look forward to. It’s a day to unwind after a busy week and reset for the one ahead. It’s a day when we’ll relax the uniform policy, slightly. It’s a day when everyone will be in camp. It’s a day, in a word, about family.

Giving campers a little extra time to sleep in, the extended breakfast allows girls to drop in as they wish for warm pastries, custom omelets, made-to-order waffles, and fresh juices (and not just orange!). Free choice follows, though everyone is encouraged to get active…try yoga, take a spin class, run the 5k, swim to the island. The afternoon’s special event will never disappoint. From Carnival to Winter Wonderland to Circus Camp, Sunday afternoons will dazzle.

Sunday Supper is our weekly “formal” meal. Required dress: blue shorts or pants and a white collared shirt. Sunday Supper allows for intimate time as a cabin and allows campers to focus their dinner table conversations on what we all accomplished and hope to achieve in the week ahead.

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Finally, the day will always end with our Sunday Sunset Campfire in the amphitheater. This time to reflect will feature stories of the week, music, s’mores, and the weekly patches to the campers who most embodied the Somerset “rings”— for the camper who achieved something spectacular and grew every day…supported someone else and demonstrated what it meant to be a good friend…and made an impact by lifting the spirits of others.

Explore Maine

Sleep under the stars. Test the rapids of the Kennebec. Learn how to catch a lobster. Savor some funnel cake. Climb Katahdin.

Nights in town, day trips, overnight camping expeditions, or special changeover trips for seven-week campers—Somerset girls will explore, learn, connect with nature, and experience all that Maine and New England have to offer.