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Special Events

The League

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The League is our first session intra-camp competition, three weeks of epic events (every two to three days) from field games to scavenger hunt, swim meet to cupcake wars, and tons more fun in between, all culminating with the final event, Sing Song! The League allows every participant to be part of something much bigger than herself and teaches the virtues of teamwork, sportswomanship, and how to both win and lose with grace.

With a surprise new theme every summer, campers will arrive to camp eager to find out which team they will join and which veteran staff members will be called upon as the two head coaches. In 2018, it was Mermaids vs. Unicorns. In 2019, it was Lucky Charms vs. Frosted Flakes. In 2020 it was Ladybugs vs. Bumblebees. In 2021, it was Whoopie Pies vs. Ladybugs. And in 2022 we grew to four teams; Honolulu, Nashville, Philadelphia, and San Francisco, followed by Fire, Wind, Water, and Earth in 2023. What’s next for 2024? Only time will tell!

Somer Cup

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Somer Cup is our second session intra-camp competition, that takes place prior to the end of the two-week session. Unlike The League, Somer Cup is two full days of non-stop challenges and thrills. Somer Cup pits sister against sister, bunkmate against bunkmate, friend against friend, and Red against Blue. No camper, counselor, or captain can win it alone. It is challenging and, at times, exhausting, but it is also exhilarating, rewarding, and an accomplishment just by showing up. Somer Cup is all about the team and is the type of competition we value at Somerset for it brings out the best in everyone.

Following the red team’s victory in 2018 a tradition was born…eating ice cream from the cup in celebration. But every summer brings a clean slate and a new opportunity for everyone who puts on their red and blue.

Evening Activities

As the day comes to a close, our fantastic evening program takes center stage. From game shows to talent shows, plays to campfires, or trips into town for bowling or mini golf, no two nights are ever alike. Whether we’re drinking milkshakes on Sandy Hirsch night, belting out the songs to Taylor Swift on Karaoke night, or screaming and hollering during The Price is Right, this final activity of the day NEVER disappoints!

Friday Campfire

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Friday nights end with our ice cream sundae buffet followed by a sunset campfire in the amphitheater. This is a time to reflect, share stories from the week, sing songs, and hand out the weekly patches to the campers who most embodied the Somerset “rings”— for the camper who achieved something spectacular and grew every day…supported someone else and demonstrated what it meant to be a good friend…and made an impact by lifting the spirits of others.

Sundays are Special

While every day at camp is different, our consistent schedule is hugely beneficial to a child’s development. Still, every now and again, a little change never hurts.

Sunday is a day that everyone looks forward to. It’s a day to unwind after a busy week and reset for the one ahead. It’s a day when we’ll relax the uniform policy, slightly, by encouraging pajamas to a lazy morning breakfast. It’s a day when everyone will be in camp. It’s a day, in a word, about family.

Giving campers a little extra time to sleep in, the extended breakfast allows girls to drop in as they wish for warm pastries and made to order omelets, . Free choice follows, though everyone is encouraged to get active…try yoga, take a spin class, participate in a knock-out tournament at basketball, take a dip in the pool or get out on the lake on a paddleboard or the inflatables. The afternoon’s special event will never disappoint. From Carnival to Winter Wonderland to Circus Camp, Sunday afternoons will dazzle.

And, of course, Sunday is Pie Night, featuring a surprise flavor every week, which is always a highlight of the day.


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The final week of the summer is unlike any other. Seven days of seven surprises, and none repeated from one year to the next. How about Backwards Day?? Dinner for breakfast, clothes on inside out, and the schedule flipped on its head. Dirty Day is exactly how it sounds…the color run, mud tug of war, and jello slip ‘n slide. Turning camp into a Water Park? We got that too in the form of massive inflatable water slides. We even hit the road…Whitewater Tubing down the Kennebec River, the Amazing Race throughout town until everyone meets at the finish line for ice cream, or our Service Projects: gift baskets for residents of the senior center, making and distributing kindness rocks around town, or cleaning up local trails to support the 7 Lakes Alliance. And then it all culminates in the final evening of camp, our theme dinner Somer Send Off planned by our oldest Hideaway campers. Each summer we are treated to a custom menu, fantastic decor, incredible music, a non stop dance party and our summer highlights video. In 2018, it was Disney, followed by a Western night with square dancing in 2019. 2020 brought us a Hamilton themed night, and 2021 was out of this world (well, technically outer space). We were treated to a night at the carnival in 2022, and 2023 was an incredible night at a 50s diner. What’s in store for 2024? Shhh…it’s a surprise!

Explore Maine

Sleep under the stars. Test the rapids of the Kennebec. Learn how to catch a lobster. Savor some fried dough.

Nights in town, day trips, overnight camping expeditions, or special changeover trips for seven-week campers—Somerset girls will explore, learn, connect with nature, and experience all that Maine and New England have to offer.

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