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Age Groups & Cabins

Somerset will open in 2018 with campers ages 7-13 only (currently in 1st-7th grade). Each subsequent summer, we will grow by one age group allowing our “original” 13-year olds to be our first group of Hideaway campers, the oldest cabin. Our unique division and cabin names date back nearly 100 years and will always connect Somerset campers of the past and present.

Lower Den: Completed 1st, 2nd or 3rd grade

Cabins: Bunnies, Woodchucks, Chipmunks

Upper Den: Completed 4th Grade

Cabins: Pandas, Possums, Colts, Cubs

Lower Deer Trail: Completed 5th Grade

Cabins: Noble Buck, Crimson Stag, Spotted Fawn, Royal Elk

Upper Deer Trail: Completed 6th Grade

Cabins: Golden Doe, Antlers, Purple Moose

Lower Grove: Completed 7th Grade

Cabins: Oak Lodge, Pine Lodge, Birch Lodge

Upper Grove: Completed 8th Grade

Cabins: Hickory Lodge, Spruce Lodge, Cedar Lodge

Sleepy Hollow: Completed 9th Grade

Cabins: Trails End, Shady Glen, Dell

Hideaway: Completed 10th Grade
Following a summer in Hideaway, formers campers will return after 11th grade for one session as a Counselor in Training followed by a 3-week service and adventure trip with their bunkmates. The trip will be planned by the girls during their previous summer in Hideaway and approved by the directors and families.