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Age Groups & Cabins

Our unique division and cabin names date back nearly 100 years and will always connect Somerset campers of the past and present.

The Den

Lower Den: Completed 1st, 2nd or 3rd grade (campers bunked by grade, not combined)

Cabins: Chipmunks, Bunnies, Possums, Woodchucks, Groundhogs, Badgers

Upper Den: Completed 4th Grade

Cabins: Colts, Cubs, Pandas

For the youngest campers, full of energy and creativity, The Den program offers a very structured schedule focused on maximizing exposure to all the activities that Somerset has to offer. Campers travel together by cabin and are guaranteed to swim every day plus experience the thrill of waterskiing, gymnastics, the adventure course, tennis, dance, culinary arts and much more. Lower Den campers (2nd and 3rd grade) enjoy an overnight adventure trip to our private island (less than ½ mile from camp), while Upper Den campers hike and camp near Camden. Most importantly, for these campers typically away from home for the very first time, Somerset is a safe space focused on kindness, fairness, and respectul communal living.

Deer Trail

Lower Deer Trail: Completed 5th Grade

Cabins: Purple Moose, Crimson Stag, Golden Doe

Upper Deer Trail: Completed 6th Grade

Cabins: Noble Buck, Royal Elk, Spotted Fawn, Antlers

The Deer Trail program accommodates the slightly older camper that has begun to make more decisions on her own. Campers will swim at least four times per week and choose their activities in up to four periods each day, though they are still required to participate in activities within all five program areas (arts, athletics, adventure, movement, and waterfront). Deer Trail campers get to explore Bar Harbor, one of Maine’s most spectacular destinations, plus the 6th graders will experience the thrill of whitewater rafting. At this age, we focus on paying kindness and compassion forward, with increased emphasis on teamwork, gratitude, and generosity.

The Grove

Lower Grove: Completed 7th Grade

Cabins: Oak Lodge, Pine Lodge, Birch Lodge

Upper Grove: Completed 8th Grade

Cabins: Spruce Lodge, Cedar Lodge, Maple Lodge

By now, campers have a much stronger sense of who they are and how they wish to spend their time. A schedule with more electives allows campers to pursue their passions and improve their skills at the activities they love the most. Deer Trail campers will visit Acadia National Park and experience early morning Moose sighting. Time in the cabin or enjoying the company of their bunkmates becomes more valuable for this age group and creates the perfect space to focus on the foundation of strong relationships: tolerance, inclusion, and honesty.


Completed 9th Grade

The summer after 9th grade marks the beginning of a camper’s participation in our leadership program, “Somerset Trails.” This is a four-year journey to support campers through their high school summers as they transition into counselors and develop into leaders at camp and beyond. The program is designed to challenge teenagers to think critically about how they engage, collaborate, and work, both as individuals and alongside their peers. By also learning how to follow, one can understand the role of being a good employee, how it feels to be led by various leadership styles, and, eventually, how one grows as a leader in her own right.

The program will include trips off-campus, group discussions, leadership and supervisory opportunities at camp, and creative and engaging workshops in communication, assertiveness, problem-solving, and decision making.

Our goal is that every Trails participant will leave camp each summer with a deeper understanding of her strengths, a greater sense of confidence, more meaningful relationships, and heightened emotional awareness of who she is and how she can grow into a high-quality counselor, collaborator, and citizen.

Hideaway campers are expected to:

  • Serve as a role model for younger campers as leaders around camp, on League and Cup teams, and as heads of “families.”
  • Oversee special events including a regularly-occurring activity during Free Play and the Somer Sendoff!
  • Participate in off-campus service projects throughout the summer.
  • Assist head staff with cabin coverage during staff meetings.
  • Assist at campfire with the letter home, candle-lighting ceremony, patches, and songs.
  • Attend optional Lifeguard or CPR/First Aid training classes.

Hideaway benefits include:

  • Large cabin with expanded bathroom and “living room.”
  • Hideaway sweatshirt with year and name, plus commemorative dining hall plaque.
  • Weekly sleep-ins with breakfast in bed.
  • Special individual call outs to join their League and Cup teams.
  • Enhanced “after hours” programming.
  • Weekly evening ski or boat cruise.
  • Winter “Walk on Water” weekend in Maine, plus summer trip to Canada.
Following a summer in Hideaway, former campers may return after 10th grade for the Leader in Training (LIT) program. Applications are required for this internship-style experience. LITs will spend much of the day working with campers, assisting counselors at activity areas, and helping the head staff with special events and projects. The summer also includes a one-week service and adventure trip.Participation is not required to be a counselor. A gap year will be required after 11th grade and then former campers may return as Junior Counselors after 12th grade.