The individuals that work alongside Kate and Josh on the Somerset leadership team are passionate about the camp experience and dedicated to enhancing Somerset’s culture of friendship, inclusivity, and opportunity. They are committed to offering the most dynamic programs and the highest level of instruction in a safe and supportive environment. And, most of all, they are committed to ensuring that every camper can do the things she loves, take healthy risks to try something new, and grow every day.

Stacey Levy | Associate Director

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Stacey Levy was born to coach. Growing up in Falmouth, Massachusetts, Stacey’s future was defined by the spirit of teamwork, a love of competition, and the influence of countless coaches and educators.

Considered one of the best student-athletes ever to come from Cape Cod, Stacey lettered in girls varsity soccer, and both indoor and outdoor track & field, and was inducted into the Falmouth High School Hall of Fame.

At the University of Vermont, Stacey earned her bachelor of science in physical education with nutritional sciences and athletic training and was again a three-sport letter winner for soccer and track & field.

Upon graduating, and while teaching at Thayer Academy in Massachusetts, Stacey went on to Boston University where she earned a master of education in counseling with a specialization in sport and exercise psychology along with a certificate of advanced graduate study in counseling. Stacey has been an educator and coach for 20 years at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. Before becoming Somerset’s full time associate director, she taught Physical Education and Health & Wellness and coached a variety of sports ranging from varsity girls soccer to middle school basketball. Stacey lives in Denver, Colorado with her husband Corey, daughter Sydney, and son Jack. She has been at Somerset since camp opened in 2018.

“I feel so strongly about providing girls with leadership roles and fostering their self-confidence and ability to take risks. I am passionate about positive psychology, sportsmanship, and empowerment, and I can’t wait to watch our campers try all the incredible activities that camp has to offer.”

Andi Weingarten | Associate Director

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Andi Weingarten was born in the Philadelphia suburbs and began her first summer of overnight camp just ten days after her 7th birthday. She immediately fell in love with the entire camp experience from hikes in the Maine and New Hampshire mountains to friendships, waterskiing, landsports, arts and crafts, swimming in the lake, sailing, and living with her peers. After spending eight summers as a camper, Andi spent the next five summers working at a day camp before returning to Maine to work at the same overnight camp she attended as a child.

Andi attended the University of Wisconsin and Temple Law School after which she practiced law until her oldest daughter was born. She currently lives in Tokyo with her husband, Neil, and their two children. Andi always dreamed of returning to camp and feels so fortunate for the opportunity to share her passion for camp with the Somerset family. She has been at Somerset since camp opened in 2018.

“Camp was the greatest gift that my parents gave me,” Andi says. “Learning to live outside of your comfort zone, be flexible and live by camp rules helped me transition to college dorm life. Having camp friends all over the country helped expose me to different cultures and ways of life. I am most excited about helping an entire new generation of campers at Somerset create a culture and traditions that will last for years to come.”

Katie Kaufman | Head of Camper Wellness

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Katie Kaufman grew up in Newton, Massachusetts, but she spent most of her childhood summers at overnight camp in New Hampshire. She credits a big part of who she is today to the friendships and leadership opportunities of camp. In 1999, she was a Color War captain and helped lead the yellow team (Negev) to victory. Embarrassingly, she continues to try to weave this into conversation over two decades later.

Katie grew up playing sports, and though she loved the physicality in playing soccer, field hockey, and softball, she found a more profound connection in the camaraderie of being part of a team.

Upon graduating from Indiana University, Katie sought out experiences that would allow her to work with other individuals who had a shared goal of working to help more vulnerable populations. In Americorps, she traveled with a team of 12 young adults as they worked to rebuild areas in the Gulf that were destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. Though she quickly learned that she did not have the skills to pursue a career in building houses, she loved living in other areas of the country, and her eclectic teammates quickly became family. Her position among teammates as a peer mediator solidified her decision to go back to school to earn a master’s in social work from Denver University.

After graduate school, Katie honed her skills as a clinician, gaining experience working in the fields of substance abuse and child welfare and providing therapy to adolescents in both a hospital setting and as a middle school therapist. Katie returned to the Boston area and started a private practice. She lives in Natick with her husband, Kevin, their silly and spunky 5-year-old, Aria, and their almost 3-year-old, Zoey.

“I understand the magic of camp, and I feel so lucky to be able to be a part of something so special.”

Kevin Kaufman | Head of Operations

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Kevin was born and raised in Boulder, Colorado where he enjoyed spending most of his time outdoors, participated in sports and played the drums. When not hiking, skiing or daydreaming about touring with rock and roll bands, Kevin dedicated much of his time to gymnastics, training and competing at the national level.

After attending the University of Oregon where he received his degree in Journalism and Communication (and where he found his way onto fields and courts as the Oregon Duck mascot), he moved to New York City to work in the film and television industry. After eight years of production coordination and management, Kevin switched careers and went into teaching, where he hoped to find more fulfillment in his work. He received his master’s degree in childhood education while teaching fourth grade in Brooklyn.

Today, Kevin is in his tenth year as an educator, teaching middle school technology classes in Dedham, MA, just outside of Boston. He also provides coaching for other educators and administrators. His motto for his students has always been “Be Your Best Self”, and he plans to bring that mentality to Somerset this year as the Head of Operations.

“What the world needs now more than ever are fierce females who aren’t afraid to stand up for themselves or each other. Through kindness, new skills and some healthy competition, I look forward to making Camp Somerset a place where young women can round out their identities and go forth with confidence in whatever they choose to do.”

Kevin lives in Natick, Massachusetts with his wife, Katie, and his two daughters, Aria and Zoey.

Holley Black | Head of Events & Hospitality

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Holley Black was born in New Hampshire but moved to South Carolina at a young age. Nevertheless, she found her way back to New England, spending time with her family on Sebago Lake. There, she fell in love with Maine summers, tubing, kneeboarding, and hanging out around the campfire.

Growing up at day camps helped Holley foster relationships, pushed her outside of her comfort zone, and eventually drew her to work in a residential camp environment. “I have seen firsthand the influence that Somerset has on young girls. It is a unique environment where you do not have to sensor your quirks and interests, but they are celebrated instead. Camp has become my safe place where I can leave the world at the gate and be the best version of myself, and I know that the campers can do the same.”

Holley graduated from Winthrop University, with a BS in Human Nutrition with a concentration in Chronic Disease Prevention and a double minor in Biology and Health. If she ever leaves camp, she intends to become a Physician Assistant and work with pediatrics. Holley returns for her sixth summer in 2024. She spent two summers as a division head and was also a culinary arts instructor, head coach of the Ladybugs in 2020, and Blue Captain for Somer Cup in 2022.

“Playing team sports taught me important life skills such as how to be a team player, communication, losing with grace, and maintaining friendships no matter the outcome of the game. Those same lessons are why I love Somerset’s culture and values, and what I hope to help instill in the campers every day.”

Abby Osterland | Head of Program

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Abby Osterland was born and raised in Algonac, Michigan. Growing up near Lake St. Clair, she grew a passion for water and the outdoors, and spent her summers on the water with her family and friends.

During high school, she competed in both volleyball and softball, where she discovered the importance of supporting teammates, celebrating victories, and learning from defeats.

Abby has a Bachelor’s degree in Education and is currently working on her Master’s degree in Speech Pathology at Grand Valley University.

Abby returns for her fourth summer in 2024, and her 3rd summer as Head of Program.

“Somerset is such a special place. I feel so lucky to have found somewhere that is so accepting and encouraging for everyone here!”

Department Heads

Elizabeth Klaes | Head of Aquatics

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Elizabeth Klaes, Second row on the left

Growing up in Buffalo, New York, Elizabeth Klaes spent her childhood exploring the outdoors, and enjoying time in nature. Summers were highlighted by camping trips to the Adirondack Mountains, and weekends spent on the lake at her grandma’s cottage. She has always loved being on the water, whether on her father’s sailboat in Lake Erie or at swim practice.

Later on in life, Elizabeth has been lucky enough to find jobs that have suited her love of nature and being on the water. She spent two summers working on the waterfront and teaching sailing at an overnight camp in Canada, and 2019 working at Somerset as a boat driver and ski instructor, as well as working on a sailboat in Buffalo.

In 2019, Elizabeth graduated with a bachelor of arts in Spanish from Denison University. After spending a year teaching English in Spain, Elizabeth moved to Denver where she worked as a pediatric dental assistant. Elizabeth is now working on her master’s in Speech Language Pathology.

Elizabeth returns for her sixth summer in 2024 and fifth as head of aquatics. She was formerly a waterski instructor and captain of the red team in 2020.

“I have been strongly influenced by the women in my life, and am passionate about empowering girls and women. Having attended an all-girls high school, I understand the importance of all-girls spaces to inspire and uplift women.”

Erika Donat | Head of Creative Arts

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Erika was born and raised just outside of Chicago, in Oak Park. She has always loved imagining and creating, and she brings a playful and joyful energy into everything she does.

While growing up in the suburbs of a big city did not offer many opportunities to explore in the great outdoors, Erika found solace in playing in her family’s garden and in the many nearby city parks. She spent childhood summers in Ohio where her grandma helped to foster her love for crafting and creating. It was with her encouragement that she started to attend and participate in arts & crafts fairs.

She spent a great portion of her childhood attending Science Fiction & Fantasy conventions with her family where she discovered a love for costuming, imagination, and play. It was also here that she started to learn the special magic of being in communities that encourage and empower you to explore who you are and what brings you joy.

Although her love of nature has always inspired her art and storytelling, it wasn’t until she attended college at The Ohio State University, that she was able to get out into nature and explore. She quickly discovered a love for hiking expeditions, kayaking, and tent camping. These experiences have greatly impacted her life course and were part of what inspired her work at camps.

She began with working at day camps in Ohio, eventually becoming a supervisor for the youngest campers. Upon graduating with her Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Development, Erika continued to work at camps in the summer and helped coordinate after school programming during the school year.

After spending the last three years living in New Orleans, working at a private school and basking in the magic and vibrant creativity in the Crescent City, Erika is back living and working in Oak Park. She’s excited to be reconnecting to her hometown with a new perspective and finding creative inspiration in the untouched wilds of the greater Chicagoland area.

Erika is thrilled to be back in 2024 for her fifth summer as head of creative arts.

“My discovery of Somerset was so serendipitous and I quickly felt right at home surrounded by the pine trees swaying in the wind. I feel so blessed to be part of a team that helps to empower, encourage, and inspire young women to make mistakes, find new ways of expressing themselves, and cultivate more joy, imagination, and creativity. It is a dream come true.”

Libby Washburn | Head of Adventure

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Spending most of her life in Norridgewock, Maine, Libby always found time to play outside. Through family camping and cane trips, youth groups, and summer camp, Libby was constantly searching out new places to explore and learn more about the natural world around her. After graduating High School, Libby worked at two other summer camps before finding Somerset in 2021. 2024 is her fourth summer at Somerset and third as Head of Adventure.

In high school, Libby’s love of the outdoors and adventure were deepened through the outing club and a technical center program at her high school, falling in love with climbing and challenge courses. It was here that Libby realized that she wanted to find a career that allowed her to be physically active in an outdoor setting, challenging her own comfort zones, and sharing that love of adventure with others.

Libby attended Unity College, where she majored in Adventure-based Environmental Education and Adventure Therapy. Since graduating in 2020, Libby has mostly worked at a local elementary school as an Educational Technician, all the while dreaming of the next time she could challenge herself on a high course or climbing wall.

“I love showing the campers that they can overcome some huge challenges when they put their minds to it. I know adventure is not for everyone, but I’m always excited to see the campers try at something that is new or unknown to them.”

Nina Rogerson | Head of Performing Arts

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Nina Rogerson grew up just outside a small town called Lockerbie in the Southwest of Scotland, where she first developed her passion for the arts.

As a child, she was part of a performing arts group that produced several productions, including Bugsy Malone, The Wizard of Oz, and Peter Pan. Throughout high school, Nina was always part of the school shows and took Drama at the examination level.

Before Somerset, Nina spent her summers volunteering at a children’s performing arts club, where she got her first taste of teaching younger generations of theatre kids.

Nina is currently studying journalism at university and will be going into her final year when she returns home from camp.

Nina returns to Somerset for her third summer in 2024 after being a theatre counselor in 2022 and 2023. She has taught drama during her time at Somerset and was part of the team for last year’s production of The Little Mermaid.

“Coming to Somerset was the best decision I ever made! The summers I’ve spent here have been the best of my life! Somerset provides a family-like environment where the girls are free to express themselves. I can’t wait for another year at my second home!”

Becca Pierre | Head of Athletics

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Becca Pierre, Second from Right

Becca Pierre grew up in Valley Stream, New York, where she spent her days learning and playing various sports, though her true passion was basketball.

Becca graduated from SUNY Oswego in 2018 with a Bachelor of Science in Wellness Management. With a passion for sports and coaching, she studied at Springfield College, earning a Master of Science in Physical Education specializing in Advanced-level Coaching.

Since graduating in 2020, Becca has coached Soccer, Basketball, and Softball. She has worked as an assistant coach for women’s basketball at the college level. She is currently coaching and serving as a substitute PE teacher at a private school.

Becca is returning for her third summer in 2024 and her first as Head of Athletics at Camp Somerset. In 2022, she served as a basketball counselor; in 2023, she served as the assistant head of athletics.

“I feel fortunate to have found Camp Somerset. Girls need coaches to create welcoming and safe environments that help them thrive, and you can find that here. I love seeing the kids push past their comfort zones and grow because camp did that for me. I am so excited to be back.”

Caitlin McCall | Head of Movement

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Caitlin McCall was born in Linlithgow, Scotland, just outside Edinburgh. She grew up doing dance and gymnastics, expressing her creativity and finding her passion in life.

As a child, she spent most of her summer participating in dance camps across Scotland and traveling with her parents, sister, and twin brother.

At 17, she moved to California to join a performing arts college, specializing in dance, before spending the next four years traveling with their performance outreach program. In the process, she was able to teach performance workshops around the world including Japan, Hong Kong, Germany, Poland, and across the UK and USA. Having taught thousands of kids, most of the time without being able to communicate in English, this one-of-a-kind experience helped shape Caitlin into the teacher she is today.

Caitlin is currently a full-time gymnastics and dance teacher with qualifications through British Gymnastics and the BATD (British Association of Teachers of Dance). Her family is full of incredible businesswomen, especially her Mom, who runs a gymnastics school, and older sister, who runs a dance studio.

“I am so excited to have my first summer camp experience, especially here at Somerset! I can’t wait to return to the States and spend my summer in such a beautiful place! I’m thrilled to be joining such an incredible team and can’t wait for summer to start!”

Clara McKeever | Assistant Head of Aquatics

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Clara McKeever was born and raised in Ireland, where she and her three siblings spent almost every day training and competing with the local swimming and water polo club. She later became a volunteer coach and swim teacher, developing a passion for teaching kids.

After camp in 2022, her first taste of living and working abroad, she decided to spend the winter season working at a ski resort in Italy, where she learned to ski and snowboard. Clara lives in Scotland, where she studies Economics and International Relations at the University of St Andrews.

At Somerset, Clara has been a swim teacher and a boat spotter, and she was assistant coach of the winning Fire team last year. She is returning for her third summer in 2024 as Assistant Head of Aquatics, and this year, she is bringing her sister to camp, too!

“Somerset is like nowhere else I’ve ever been, where kids and counselors can build their confidence and feel content to fully be themselves. I have made lifelong friends at camp, and I can’t wait to create even more memories this summer”

Kat Chambless | Head of Culinary Arts

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Kat Chambless has lived in Florida her entire life. She was born and raised in the same rural small town of Middleburg, about an hour south of Jacksonville. Growing up in the heat didn’t lend itself well to developing a love for the outdoors, but Kat has always been fascinated with gardening and edible plants and the foods you could make with them. She spent her childhood helping her mother and grandmother in the garden and the kitchen, picking oranges for fresh juice, making impromptu picnics, canning foods, and caring for endless tomato plants and pepper bushes.

In high school, Kat was a member of her school’s culinary competition team, attending several competitions across Northeast Florida. Post high school, Kat went on to attend Johnson and Wales University of North Miami and graduated cum laude with her Bachelor’s degree in Culinary Arts summer of 2021. She works as a recipe developer, freelance food and entertainment journalist, and media specialist (fancy for librarian) for a local high school in her hometown. When she’s not at camp or working, Kat loves to critique cooking reality shows, read endless young adult fantasy novels (and sometimes write her own), and hoard dice for tabletop games.

Kat first came to Somerset for her senior internship as a Culinary Arts counselor in 2021, with little experience in the camp world. “I had only ever attended smaller camps for a few days to a week at most, and Camp Somerset was a huge culture shock for me. I never expected to love camp as much as I do, but I can’t imagine being elsewhere. There’s such a great sense of family at camp, and I’ve made friends and connections that will last me a lifetime. I’m so thrilled to be back as Head of Culinary and continue teaching my favorite subject in the greatest place in Maine!”

Campus Heads

Dsc 0017.jpg?ixlib=rails 2.1

Penny Freeborn

Lower Camp Campus Head (Finishing 1st to 5th grade)

Penny Freeborn was born and raised in Southland, New Zealand. Growing up on a dairy farm surrounded by bush and rivers, she formed a passion for the outdoors from an early age. Throughout High School, she completed five of the ten New Zealand Great Walks and joined the Duke of Edinburgh Club where she took up track cycling, and piano.

Penny went on to graduate from New Zealand’s oldest University, The University of Otago, in 2018 with a Bachelor of Teaching. With a passion for Science and English, Penny went on a science-based educational flight over Antarctica with the Melbourne University in Australia and has recently started teaching English at her local school.

A love of travel and adventure began at a young age. As well as traveling multiple times to Australia, she completed a school exchange in Tacoma Washington for four weeks which led to friendships that have seen her return to the U.S. on holiday. One of Penny’s favorite continents is Asia, having visited Cambodia, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Penny returns for her third summer in 2024 and her first as a Campus Head. She was the Upper Den Division Head in 2022 and 2023. She was the Red team captain in 2023.

“I was really looking forward to the American camp experience and it was everything I hoped for and more! I had heard such wonderful things and it was awesome getting to know new people and watching the campers take on exciting and challenging opportunities at camp. I can’t wait to be back!”

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Krista Martin

Upper Camp Campus Head (Finishing 6th to 8th grade)

Krista Martin was born and raised in Invercargill, New Zealand, spending much of her time outdoors and never too far from the water. She grew up kayaking, swimming, body boarding, or at her family’s favorite lake, Te Anau, which is where she fell in love with waterskiing.

In her final year of high school, Krista went on a school volunteer trip to Cambodia, where she fell in love with traveling and grew her desire to see the world and experience different cultures.

In 2018, she graduated from Otago University with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy. After two years of working in a local hospital, the travel bug struck again, and she decided to pursue a lifelong dream - working at a summer camp in America. Despite missing her planned 2020 summer due to COVID, Krista arrived in Maine in 2021 and hasn’t looked back. She spent two summers as a counselor and boat driver and was the Lower Grove Division Head in 2023. She was also the head coach of Honolulu in 2021.

In between summers over the last two years, Krista has continued to travel, visiting 20 different countries and close to 30 American states, with plans to tick off a few more this year!

“Somerset is magical. It’s a place where girls are empowered to experience new things, push themselves outside of their comfort zones, learn new skills, make new friends, and grow into better versions of themselves. Every day is different, and when you spend time at Somerset, you can’t help but fall in love with the place.”

Screenshot 2024 02 07 at 9.32.02 am.png?ixlib=rails 2.1

Ally Moran

Hideaway Division Head (Finishing 9th grade) & Head of Competition

Growing up outside of Denver, Colorado, Ally Moran enjoyed spending most of her time outdoors, and adventuring around the state. She spent countless hours at the pool on her neighborhood swim team, and played every sport she could.

Later on in life, Ally was able to share her love of sports and play with others. She worked as a day camp counselor in high school, and coached field hockey and swim.

Ally graduated from Boston College in 2020 with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics with a minor in Math. While at BC, Ally’s passion for spending time outdoors was reignited while spending a semester abroad in Dunedin, New Zealand. Ally currently works as a math teacher at an all-girls middle and high school in Massachusetts, where she coaches field hockey, basketball, and lacrosse. Ally returns for her fifth summer in 2024 and third as a division head. She was a boat driver and field hockey instructor in her first two summers at camp and the Blue team captain in 2023.

“Somerset has shown me just how important having a community of people can be. Camp is a place where girls can be involved in new activities, meet new friends, and learn lessons about themselves that they wouldn’t be able to otherwise. I can’t wait to share the values I have found at Somerset with campers this summer, and see them grow each day!”

Division Heads

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Becky Primrose

Little Den Division Head (Finishing 1st and 2nd grade)

Becky Primrose was raised outside of Edinburgh, Scotland, spending much of her time outdoors engaging in any sports she could. She spent countless hours competing for her district in Netball, and in Swimming, Gymnastics and Handball.

The love for all things sport at such a young age, encouraged her to pursue her dream in Physical Education when leaving school. Becky graduates this summer with a degree in Physical Education Teaching and will be returning home to her first full year of teaching after camp.

Becky returns for her third summer in 2024 and her first as Little Den Division Head. She was a Camper Support counselor in 2022 and a Boat Spotter in 2023.

Between summers, Becky completed a birthday bucket list with 21 activities she wanted to complete before her 21st birthday. She completed a skydive, visited numerous new countries, and made it her goal to successfully wakeboard, ski, and wake surf throughout her time at camp.

“Somerset truly is the greatest place in Maine. I am inspired every day by the girls and their love for camp. Watching them make new friends, be themselves, and push themselves out of their comfort zone is truly magical. I cannot wait for 2024 to make many more amazing memories!”

Img 6355.png?ixlib=rails 2.1

Melissa Campanini

Lower Den Division Head (Finishing 3rd grade)

Melissa Campanini grew up on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, spending countless hours exploring the beaches of her hometown and devleoping a love for the outdoors.

Melissa spent many of her summers at Girl Scout camp, where she learned the importance of teamwork and found her confidence at a place she looked forward to returning to every single summer.

Melissa graduated from Loyola University Maryland in 2022, with her degree in elementary education. After working in Baltimore, she returned to her hometown where she currently teaches 3rd grade. Melissa returns to camp for her fifth summer in 2024 and second as the Lower Den Division Head. She was an arts and crafts counselor for three summers and was the head coach for San Francisco in 2022.

“Camp is a very special place. It is incredible to see young girls find their confidence and showcase their strengths in a safe and welcoming environment. Camp helped me to find my confidence, and I am excited to help other girls have the same experience”

Img 1199.jpeg?ixlib=rails 2.1

Tess Haskel

Upper Den Division Head (Finishing 4th grade)

Tess Haskel grew up in Westport, Connecticut, with her two younger brothers, playing any sport she could. She spent seven years going to camp in upstate New York, where she found her place surrounded by lifelong friends, in an environment that allowed her to build her confidence. Tess grew up surrounded by the Manitou family, as her brothers were campers from a very young age. She knew that if a sister camp ever came along, she had to be part of it!

Tess will graduate from the University of Vermont in May 2024 with a degree in elementary education and a minor in special education. She plans to be an elementary school teacher this fall. While at UVM, Tess spent 2.5 years as a varsity coxswain for the UVM rowing team, where she could take some of the confidence she had gained from camp and use it in her sport. Tess returns to Somerset for her 5th summer in 2024. She spent the last four years as a boat spotter and lifeguard and was the Head Coach of Team Wind in 2023.

“Somerset has shown me that when you give girls a chance just to be themselves, they are inspired to try new things and grow from those opportunities. Given the world that we live in today, it is so important to give children a break where kids can just be kids.”

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Kayleah Tsai

Lower Deer Trail Division Head (Finishing 5th grade)

Kayleah Tsai grew up in Oak Park, California, where most of her life was dedicated to club swimming. Sadly, the club swimming schedule meant that she did not have a chance to attend summer camp in her childhood. Fortunately, she found Somerset!

Somerset was many of her firsts–her first time at a summer camp, her first time flying alone, and her first time on the East Coast!

Kayleah is graduating from Harvey Mudd College in May 2024 with a computer science degree and a psychology concentration. Camp has inspired her to be interested in education, and she hopes to work towards a master’s in education in the coming year.

This will be Kayleah’s fourth summer at Somerset.Previously, she worked as a STEM counselor and lifeguard, so she got to see both the arts and sports side of camp!

Kayleah is especially excited to be working as one of the first co-Division Heads this summer! She places a strong emphasis on collaboration in her leadership because she thinks two brains work better than one!

“Working at a summer camp was never really something I saw in my future, but I am so glad I took this leap of faith because now I cannot imagine life without camp! It is a valuable life changing experience for everyone involved!”

Img 0584.jpg?ixlib=rails 2.1

Chloe Reed

Lower Deer Trail Division Head (Finishing 5th grade)

Chloe Reed was born and raised in a small village in Kent, England, where she grew up playing all sports, and found her true passion in Netball.

As a child, Chloe spent two weeks of her summers at a day camp in her local town, eventually becoming a counselor. After being shut out from camp due to COVID, she decided to apply for a summer camp job in America and never looked back.

At school, she carried on her love for sports by studying sports science, as well as photography and geography. And her love for travel has taken her across Europe to see more of the world and experience new cultures. She currently works in hospitality as a restaurant manager.

Chloe returns to Somerset for her third summer in 2024 after being a camper support counselor in her first year, and a boat spotter and lifeguard in 2023.

“Camp Somerset truly is an amazing place! It’s a place that allows girls to be their true, authentic selves and builds their confidence. They make friendships that will last a lifetime. I feel so lucky to call Somerset my second home, and I can’t wait to be back!”

I t9fqm2r l.jpg?ixlib=rails 2.1
Maddie Knapp (L)

Maddie Knapp

Upper Deer Trail Division Head (Finishing 6th grade)

Maddie Knapp grew up in Bloomington, Indiana, where her love for camp began. Maddie has been attending summer camp since she was ten years old, and that’s where she found her passion for being a role model for youth at camp.

Maddie has always been active in sports, from gymnastics to pole vaulting. She has experience as a gymnastics coach of all ages, working at her local YMCA before college. From there, she took on the role of a counselor at her childhood camp in Brookston, Indiana, for the past five summers, serving on the leadership team as well.

In the Spring of 2023, Maddie graduated from Purdue University with an Elementary Education degree. Maddie has been teaching in West Lafayette, Indiana, as a 6th-grade teacher.

She is thrilled to start a new adventure in Maine at Camp Somerset, continuing her passion for summer camp. Maddie will be the Upper Deer Trail division head.

“Camp has always been such an important part of my life. From the life-long friendships I have made to the growth I see in my campers each year, camp is truly the best place ever to grow. I am very excited for Somer ’24 with Somerset!”

Img 1786.jpg?ixlib=rails 2.1

Anna Gagnon

Lower Grove Division Head (Finishing 7th grade)

Anna grew up in Johnstown, PA, and spent most of her time at the YMCA with her club swim team. When she was not busy with her own practices and meets, she would be with her family cheering on her brother and sister at their sporting events. In the second grade, Anna joined her Girl Scout troop and remained an active member until she graduated high school and earned her Gold Award.

“My achievement would not have been possible if it weren’t for the other girls in my troop. We all agreed to earn our Gold Award and supported each other throughout the entire process.”

Anna currently attends the Indiana University of Pennsylvania and studies Political Science-International Studies. Anna came to Somerset in 2021 and was a swim counselor for two summers and the Head Coach of Philadelphia in 2022.

“Somerset is the perfect place for me. The community at camp lifts everyone up and highlights the unique strengths that everyone brings to the table. It gives me the opportunity to be the campers and staff’s biggest cheerleader. Camp has made me a leader, a collaborator, and a more well-rounded individual. I am so lucky to call Somerset my second home!”

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Chloe Hems

Upper Grove Division Head (Finishing 8th grade)

Chloe Hems grew up in a small countryside town in West Yorkshire, England, loving ballet, swimming, and horse riding.

She studied early childhood studies and graduated in 2018 from Leeds University. Having a childcare background, Chloe jumped at the chance to work with children by teaching something she loved - horseback riding. In 2017, Chloe started her summer camp journey and worked at an all-girls summer camp in Michigan. Then came COVID and a trip to Mexico to get her visa, where she met two Somerset staff members and decided to switch things up for 2022.

Chloe has been a swim instructor and boat driver and returns for her third summer in 2024 and first as a Division Head. She was also the Head Coach for Fire in 2023.

When she hasn’t spent her summers at camp, she’s combined her love for travel and working with children by working at a ski resort as a Nanny, a pairing in New Zealand, and being a Nanny in Switzerland.

“That feeling when you turn down the drive to camp is truly magical, and it’s something that everyone needs to experience. Working at summer camps has played an important part in my life, and Somerset has a special place in my heart. It’s a place that brings people together, and you find friends you can call family.”