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Program & Schedule

The Somerset program is designed to provide campers with fun and opportunity through a balance of elective activities, bunk activities, intracamp and intercamp competitions, day and overnight trips, community service projects, special events, and a comprehensive evening program that allows campers to display their talents, relax in the peacefulness of camp, or just be downright silly.

Our broad range of activities allows campers to hone existing skills in the areas they are most passionate about and challenge themselves to try something new for the very first time. The comprehensive program provides opportunities for individual growth and achievement and teaches virtues that can be learned only as part of a team and through healthy competition.

Somerset’s scheduling system ensures that each camper has a well-rounded day filled with time in or on the water, on the fields, and engrossed in a creative activity. Younger campers have a more structured schedule, guaranteeing exposure to everything Somerset has to offer. As campers mature, they’ll have more choices in their schedules, so they can spend more time doing what they love most.

Our goal is for your daughter to return home with greater self-confidence, stronger bonds with her peers, and an increased ability to manage pressure and live a happy, healthy, and inspired life.

Weekly Sample Schedule

To allow for variety and flexibility, campers have four days of instructionals (Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat), attending activities for three periods in the morning followed by two afternoon periods and Lakefront. Tuesday and Sunday offer campers free choice in the morning and special events in the afternoon. Thursday is Trip Day. Some activites, such as waterskiing, culinary arts, and the adventure course, are double periods. The below schedule is representational of a typical week’s structure.

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Through a blend of high-level instruction, intra- and intercamp competition, and free choice on Sundays, campers will learn new skills, hone existing ones, and discover things they never knew they loved.

Healthy competition can have a deeply positive impact on a young girl. It’s a chance for collaboration, to learn how to win and lose with grace, and an opportunity to feel part of something bigger than herself.

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Somerset offers more then a dozen athletic activities taught on land.

Tennis, Lacrosse, Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Softball, Golf, Archery, Gaga, Street hockey, European handball, Field hockey, Mountain Biking, Ultimate frisbee, Frisbee golf, Pickleball.


Camp in Maine means watching the morning fog lift across the water or seeing the setting sun fade beyond the mountains. It means splashing around with friends along the beach or gliding atop the calm surface across the vast open space. Whether in it our out, East Pond offers something for everyone.

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Eleven instructional activities are offered in the warm waters of our lake or our competitive lap pool.

Swimming, Kayaking, Wakesurfing, Waterskiing, Wakeboarding, Sailing, Snorkeling, Stand-up paddleboarding, Fishing, plus CPR, basic rescue, and advanced lifesaving courses will be available for our oldest campers. For recreational fun, we also offer banana boating and water inflatables, including trampoline.

Dance, Gymnastics & Movement

Time at camp should include a commitment to an active and healthy lifestyle. Whether it’s through one of our many dance disciplines, gymnastics, yoga, fitness, martial arts or Somercycle, there are countless ways to work up a sweat and build up the energy needed for a busy and full camp day.

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Creative Arts

Our creative arts program is housed in our Art “Barn,” Somerset’s original horse stables. With two stories and ample outside space, there’s plenty of room to spread out and draw inspiration from the camp’s natural beauty.

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Somerset prides itself on an unparalleled selection of creative activities.

Arts and crafts, Ceramics, Jewelry, Newspaper, Rocketry & STEM, Culinary arts and gardening, Music, Drama and improv, Photography. Additionally, four theatrical productions are performed each summer, two per session.


Summer camp in Maine is all about experiencing new thrills, overcoming challenges, and connecting with the beauty and natural resources in our backyard. Somerset’s in camp adventure program and out of camp trips are not only unique experiences, but they are transformative learning opportunities that allow for every camper to acquire new skills, build resilience, and develop an appreciation for nature.

Within camp, our adventure course includes seven “starter” low ropes elements designed for both individual and team challenges. Our high elements include a 50-foot climbing tower, five traversing bridges, and a 300-foot zip line through the trees.

Off-campus, age-appropriate trips include hiking and camping in Bar Harbor, Acadia, Cadillac Mountain, and Katahdin. As campers age up, canoe, kayak, and whitewater rafting adventures await. For our youngest campers, an overnight on our private island is the ideal beginner trip, only a few hundred feet from Somerset’s shore.

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Horseback Riding

Somerset partners with Thistle Ridge Equestrian to offer instruction from their highly trained staff along with supervision from Somerset staff chaperones. Thistle Ridge is located in our hometown of Smithfield and is only a short, five-mile drive from camp.

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Two riding rings, indoor and outdoor, mean that campers will always be able to ride, rain or shine!

Campers are only responsible for bringing a pair of boots with heels. Riding boots are suggested but not required. Campers may choose to ride either two or three times per week. Additional fees for riding do apply.