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Being a parent is harder than ever right now and as I sit in my car, one block from my house in an empty parking lot (aka my new office), I indeed feel your pain. To say that these weeks have been challenging, long, redundant, and emotional would be an understatement. And though there has been little time for reflection, I have recently been thinking about something that I used to do, but haven’t in some time, and I started to wonder why.

I used to sneak into my kids’ rooms to look at them sleeping, sometimes taking pictures because I love the peacefulness and sincerity of the moment (I know, some may think it’s creepy!). But I have not done this in weeks, and I realized it is because while I am “social distancing” from others, I am very much not distancing from them! There is no school to send them to, no moms night out to connect with friends, no road trips for home visits, and no me time at the gym. And while I can certainly appreciate the wonderful opportunity it is to be together as a family, I find that I miss missing my children!

Schools, summer camps, sleepovers, and playdates, give us parents a well-deserved break. They also create the opportunity for our children to become more independent while also opening up space in our hearts to crave them when not around. I feel like I am more excited to put them to bed after a work trip, more ready to play another round of Uno when they get home from school, and eagerly anticipating a family vacation after we reunite following a fantastic summer camp season. Right now, it is hard to miss them when they follow me into the bathroom, jump into all of my zoom calls, and set up shop next to the pantry, waiting for another snack.

I look forward to the day, very soon, when my kids and I can have a bit more time apart, as I truly believe it helps us stay close. I’m sure many of you feel the same way. Camp to the rescue!