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THE 30,000 FT VIEW

As I peer out my window from high above northern Florida, I can’t help but be overcome with excitement for my week ahead. Traveling the country during the off-season to visit both prospective and current campers is easily one of the best parts of our job. Not only do we get to share the Somerset story and our excitement for all that we have built and all that lies ahead, but we are at the same time inspired by the questions and faces of joy from a young girl imagining herself as a Bunny, or on the lake, or sailing down the zip line, or simply finding her new best friends.

Taking advantage of having a camp director come to your home is such an important step, whether you’re still deciding on a camp or even if you have settled on Somerset (or any other camp, for that matter). Sure, hearing about the food or whether or not the bathrooms are in the cabin are important. So are how often your daughter will waterski or what kinds of trips she will go on. The list of these determining factors can be endless and is unique for each family and child.

But the far more important question is to whom are you entrusting your child? What are their values, goals, and motivations for running a camp? Are they the kinds of people you are comfortable in making a partner in your child’s development? You should ask these questions of us or of any other directors you may encounter. Step back, zoom out, and look from on high at the big picture. This is a multi-year investment in your daughter’s future and we’re in this together.