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Yesterday was International Day of the Girl, started by the United Nations and 100% endorsed by Camp Somerset. Of course, for us, every day at camp is a day OF the girl and FOR the girl, and now, more than ever, that means a lot. I say this not because of politics, but because today’s children need to always be reminded that being a kid is awesome and to enjoy the moment. Having fun, not taking oneself too seriously, and self-respect are values that serve us all well, long into adulthood.

We want our campers to be proud of being a girl and to know that camp is a wonderful and safe place where they can explore, try, challenge, create, lead, and follow without fear of judgment. Social media is a constant, even for young girls, and being away from it all allows our campers (and counselors) to enjoy their silly side, not worry about outside pressure, and to truly celebrate themselves.

Somerset also recognizes the special bond between girls and the unique opportunities created by a female only environment. We strive to help our campers understand that building each other up and celebrating one another - for someone’s success, for someone’s unique abilities, or for just being together - is fulfilling. I know that nearly 30 years after I started as a camper, having the support of my camp “sisters” to this day has enabled me to reach for my dreams, to confront disappointment, and to feel true love. The bond between girls is a foundation that should be honored and nurtured and we love nothing more than celebrating this (and them) at Somerset.