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As children of all ages get set for one the best days of the year today, it provides us with an interesting parallel for what goes on at camp. Spending weeks away from home teaches independence and requires campers to perhaps confront situations that they may not have confronted before. So too does Halloween. Whether it’s July 31st or October 31st, a few things remain the same.


What do I want to be this year? It’s hardly the most important decision a child will make but it definitely does not feel that way at the time. Pick something meaningful that might express something about your personality or what (or who) inspires you.


Be polite when a door opens. Say trick or treat. Explain your costume when asked nicely. Don’t take more than one. Say thank you. And be grateful that no one gives out Almond Joy anymore.


No, you can’t keep all that candy. Decide what to eat now, what to save for later, what to share with your little brother or sister, and what to donate.


You parents want to have fun too so please don’t laugh at their costumes. They’re meant to be “ironic.”

Have Fun!

Because, after all, you’re a kid. And you earned it.