It's fun to get together and have something good to eat at least once a day. That's what human life is all about - enjoying things.

Julia Child


I like eating. No, wait, I actually love eating. I spend most of my time during one meal thinking about the next meal. I love to cook. I love to try new restaurants. And I love to experience exotic flavors and cultures through their food. I believe that few things are as physically and emotionally satisfying as a great meal with great people and what better place is there than camp to feel that sense of satisfaction.

As much as I’d love to enjoy truffle oil French fries with my burgers, we must also be realistic about what is truly servable in a camp setting. I don’t know just how far we’re going to push the food envelope, but I do know we’re going to give it a pretty good shove. We’ll always have the favorite “camp meals” and the emergency alternatives for the picky eaters (that’s Kate too, by the way). But if camp is a time to try new things and expand one’s horizons, then why should time in the dining hall be any different? Our first ring is “Grow Every Day.” I would definitely include trying a chicken kabob sandwich with sun-dried pesto and tzatziki sauce for the first time as “growing.” Or better yet, real growth is a camper eating that sandwich after she learned how to make it in our culinary center with adjacent vegetable garden.

Every parent knows this feeling…you put something on your child’s plate and prepare yourself for the worst. Maybe she’ll spit it up, or worse, throw it at you. You watch the fork (or hand, not judging) approach her mouth and with eyes wide open and a brief skip of the heartbeat, you await the reaction. You wince, you cringe, and then, as if the skies are opening on a stormy day, she smiles and reaches for more. Victory! You are the world’s greatest parent, for about five minutes or so.

We’re going to have fun with our food! We’re going to create traditions like pie on Sundays, theme nights on Saturdays, and warm pretzels in the afternoon. We’re going to enjoy Maine blueberries in our morning cereal and coconut rice with our teriyaki salmon. And we’re going to do all of this because we are NOT serving camp food. “Camp food” is cheap, processed, overly fried, unoriginal, unhealthy, and bland. Instead, we’re serving FOOD AT CAMP. Food that is creative, thoughtful, varied, homemade, and healthy. And this is a big distinction, one that matters as much to you as it does to us. I hope everyone’s hungry. And just in case you’re not, here’s our week one menu to wet your appetite.