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Something remarkable took place this week and I found myself overcome with emotion in a way that I hadn’t expected.

This past Tuesday was national “Wear your camp t-shirt” day and, for us, it was “Wear Somerset Day.” Across our social media platforms, and across the country, campers, parents, alumni, and staff posted photos of themselves wearing their Somerset gear. It was fun, silly, lighthearted, and pretty straightforward. So, why all the emotion?

Well, it was sort of obvious once I thought about it. You see, for the first time ever, we got to see actual Somerset campers, wearing their own Somerset tee shirts, spreading the joy and excitement they feel about coming to camp this summer. For me and Kate, our lives have been all about getting to this point. And after so many hurdles and so much work these past few years, to finally see our ORIGINAL campers just months away from opening day was pretty overwhelming.

Seeing those girls, full of wonder, excitement, and hope, also reminded us of the important duty that lies ahead. Soon enough, we will be entrusted with their safety and wellness and the responsibility to see to it that their wonder, excitement, and hopes are all fulfilled. Our “rings” will define Somerset culture so that every camper finds safety in her new summer home to grow every day, create lasting friendships, make an impact for others, and be herself. It’s the job we have and the job we cherish.

Thank you to all of those who “wore” Somerset. You wore it well!