Camper Cabins

Qauint yet modern, our first set of campers cabins sleep 14 people and include full bathrooms (three showers, three sinks, two toilets), an entry mud room, insulated walls, a massive picture window, and back door access to a private back yard. It doesn’t feel like home. It’s better than home!

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Dining Hall

Set right along the waterfront with perfect sunset views, our showcase building is nearly 10,000 square feet with massive ceilings, tons of natural light, and a spectacular wrap around patio.

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It’s been non-stop activity for nearly eight months, beginning with a whole lot of demo and tree removal. In addition to the cabins we’ve added the office and health center, gymnastics pavilion, swimming pool, adventure course, and prepared the three sports fields and prepped the land for the hard court paving (tennis, basketball, hockey) coming this spring.